Svalbardguide: Spitsbergen

Pål Hermansen |
Heftet | Kristi Nowak (Ov.) | Robert Nowak (Ov.) | Sidetall: 304 | ISBN: 9788274889255

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Forlagets omtale

Svalbard is in itself the very essence of the arctic wilderness, and today is has a large number of offers for tourists.
Svalbardguide gives you all the necessary information in advance of and during your visit to Svalbard. The book presents landscape, nature conditions and human history of the archipelago. You will also find special laws and regulations that apply to tourism and traffic on Svalbard and rules for the behavior to follow when you plan a tour. The guide describes the most important islands and settlements of the Svalbard archipelago, including the predominant tourist destinations in summer and winter. The most current species of animals, birds and plants are presented in both text and pictures. In this new and revised edition, you will also find a description of the mystical island of Jan Mayen, which lies in a lonely volcanic bulwark far out in the North Sea.

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