A New Testament: Scandinavian missionaries and Santal chiefs from

Tone Bleie |
Innbundet | ISBN: 9788256028733

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A NEW TESTAMENT offers a recast economic, legal, and social history of the strangely neglected, enduring and power-laden relationship between a Scandinavian Transatlantic mission and the Santals, Boro and Bengalis of East India, Northern Bangladesh, and Eastern Nepal. Bleie’s kaleidoscopic portraits transport readers back to the medieval period and Danish and British Company Rule. The British Raj and the early post-Independence period remain her principal framing, however. This customized text enables readers to navigate and selectively immerse themselves in theoretical and descriptive chapters brimming with immersive storytelling. 

The volume is relevant for university curricula in international history, Scandinavian and Norwegian transnational history, Santal ethnohistory, the history of religion, the sociology of religion, mission history, intercultural history of Christianity, museum studies, subaltern and postcolonial studies, comparative international law, peace and development studies, social anthropology, history of aid, tribal studies, women’s studies, and the study of indigenous oral and textual history.   

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